Wesslyn Altreri

Male half-elf warlock


Born in the vast forests of the western coast of The Vale to an elven mother, Wesslyn was quickly singled out for induction to the Circle of the Moon due to his innate magical talent – and in spite of his mixed heritage. During his childhood years Wesslyn was taught of the nature of magic in this world and beyond, including education in both arcane and divine magical therums, as it was unclear in which way his magical knack would manifest once he reached maturity.

As that time approached, Wesslyn was sent on his unraveling pilgrimage, as dictated by the customs of the Circle. Intended to attune initiates to their specific magical nature, the unraveling required Wesslyn to live in solitude in the forest, dedicating himself to magical study and deep meditation under the moon and stars each night. Normally these meditative sessions awaken innate magical power (in the case of sorcerers), give insight into magical study (in the case of wizards), or offer divine enlightenment (in the case of clerics or druids); rarely the Archfey will take interest in an initiate, setting them down the path of a warlock. Even rarer still, another entity may take that interest.

Such was the case with Wesslyn, whose meditations were atypical for initiates of the Circle. While elves are intrinsically connected to the power of celestial bodies, Wesslyn found himself contemplating the vast sea of darkness that made up the rest of the night sky. Through opening his magical senses to the void, he was able to receive the messages of mighty Ikthultu, one of the unknowable Great Old Ones. These potent magical whispers wracked his body, but strengthened his mind; not only unlocking his magical capabilities as a warlock, but allowing him to touch the minds of other sentient creatures around him. They also delivered to him a grim portent of the end of days; a preventable apocalypse that he has a part in, be it great or small.

Returning to his home, Wesslyn’s new appearance immediately caused concern within the Circle, in particular its matron, Valerys Voluna. He had become frail, as if a strong wind would scatter him like leaves. His hair had been drained of its natural dark color, replaced by long strands of white that cascaded down to his shoulders like that of a detestable drow. He had a wild and unkempt beard, uncommon among elven culture, that was the same color of nothingness. And perhaps most disturbingly of all his eyes had lost their natural color, filling in with blackness flecked with tiny, glittering white motes, as if the night sky itself had consumed his vision.

And yet for all his physical changes, Wesslyn had undoubtedly completed his unraveling in the two years he had been away. Though his gait betrayed the physical undertaking of his pilgrimage, he walked with an air of confidence fueled by the burgeoning power of Ikthultu inside. Behind the disheveled hair and beard lay a beautiful man, for those who cared to look, whose silent demeanor was as fascinatingly serene to some as it was eerily off-putting to others. For all the controversy surrounding what Wesslyn had become in the forest, Valerys was forced to extend full membership into the Circle to him, as the unraveling had clearly reshaped the half-breed into something more powerful than expected.

Wesslyn, for his part, was keen to take an honorary position among the Circle, as his feet had been set on a path to discover the mystery of his vision of the future. Out of respect, and to relieve himself of at least some of the heavy burden, Wesslyn shared the contents of his visions with Valerys. Upon hearing his words the matron wept for her ward, as visions of such ill omen are intertwined with cruel fates and hardship for those that they are visited upon. Valerys bestowed honorary Circle status to Wesslyn, and outfitted him with gifts suited to the beginning of his journey before sending him out into The Vale once again, this time unsure if the bizarre half-breed would ever return; and, if so, in what form.

Wesslyn Altreri

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