The Prime Houses

House Voretha
Keep: Ironden
Sigil: Saffron with Crossed Hammer and Pick
Motto: “In courage, vengeance”
- Rich in iron, copper, and even rare materials
- Wealthiest of the families
- Bankers, lenders, and bureacrats

House Galilan
Keep: Wyvernhollow
Sigil: Censer Hanging From a Banyan Tree Limb
Motto: “Ardor and Ambition”
- King Hightower
- Zealous and ambitious
- Deeply religious
- Highly informed
- The Sentinels, an elite group of agents that work for House Galilan and as the eyes and ears of The Shepherd

-House Diresh
Keep: Greydale
Sigil: Phosphorescent Mushroom Releasing Spores
Motto: “The Earth Calls”
- Close relations to Dwarven nobles
- Queen Dakara currently on the Throne
- Favors tradition and order
- Oldest known house
- Military Powerhouse

House Tarrakin
Keep: Red Acre Holdings
Sigil: Ivy Covered Pike
Motto: “From The Dust A Storm Comes”
- Tough
- Hardworking
- Atheistic
- Believe in hard work over providence
- Newest Prime House

House Agranel
Keep: Blackmarsh
Sigil: Lotus Serenely Balanced on Water
Motto: “Through Adversity To The Heavens”
- Considered to be where “Men” came to roost in Haven.
- Blackmarsh is a yearly pilgrimage destination
- Intelligent, patient, and introspective
- Some consider this to be the first Prime House

House Crendia
Keep: Strongbank
Sigil: Oak Backlit by Sun
Motto: “Fire and Family”
- Constantly at odds with the Wood Elves
- Loyal, brave, considered in some circles to be the only truly “noble” house

House Caymond
Keep: Haven’s Hold
Sigil: Blooming Seaweed Adrift a Cresting Wave
Motto: “Mercurial, As the Maelstrom”
- Haughty, and quick to anger
- Only other location of a wizard’s school other than the elven homeland
- Typically xenophobic
- Rare to see in The Vale

House Adren
Keep: Dark Cliff
Sigil: Evening Primrose Backed by the Northern Constellation
Motto: “Thus Always to Tyrants”
- Rebellious
- Heavily waterfaring
- Police against pirates
- Travel far and wide
- Powerful navy and trading empirec

The Prime Houses

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